Flatbed Towing in Toronto


Flatbed Towing – What Is That?

Northern Group Towing’s diverse services include flatbed towing services. Flatbed towing is towing any type of vehicle on a flatbed truck, which is a tow truck that may be either articulated or rigid and has a completely flat or level “bed”, that is not covered and does not have sides.

The flatbed tow truck is a tuck with a flat bed at the back and a winch. The bed may slope gradually to the rear or be demountable allowing the operator to lower it and then winch it back with the loaded vehicle for easy loading. This minimal design gives the flatbed tow truck many advantages when it comes to the efficient towing of vehicles.

Some of the benefits of flatbed towing include:

Adaptability – this is the optimal tow truck when it comes to loading an assortment of different types of vehicles.  Flatbed trucks are suitable for towing cars of all types, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, boats, tractors and other heavy machinery, and many other types of vehicles. It is also possible to tow more than one vehicle at a time on a flatbed truck.

Safety – this goes both for the vehicle being towed and for the other cars on the surrounding roads.  The towed vehicle is placed and tied securely onto the flatbed, and not tied behind the truck, which comprises many risks and limitations. This is particularly true for special cars (exotic cars, show cars, race cars, etc.) which need special care and where the type of towing is extremely important.

Time saver – it is easy and fast to load vehicles onto a flatbed truck, especially if the vehicle can be driven. When necessary, the hard work is done by the winch, and securing the vehicle is relatively easy too, compared to other types of tow trucks.

Able to tow vehicles in any condition – if a vehicle has been totally damaged in an accident and cannot be towed by other types of traditional tow trucks it can always be loaded onto a flatbed.

In a nutshell, flatbed towing is more convenient, safe and timesaving than any other type of towing.

Our Trusted Operators

We are a local auto towing and assistance service provider. A well-established company known for its fast and efficient emergency road services in the area. Northern Group Towing provides a range of services for different roadside situations, including flatbed towing services.

Our professional team of tow truck operators works 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our operators communicate constantly with dispatch and the moment we get a call they are sent out, ensuring a fast response time, every time.

Northern Group Towing is a licensed tow company that employees tow truck operators who are all professionally trained and all have experience in automotive repair. The Company’s stellar services go hand in hand with its affordable prices!

Northern Group Towing has a team of outstanding towing operators who provide flatbed towing services.  Their extensive knowledge of different types of vehicles and of our flatbed tow trucks, together with their knowledge of other automotive repairs and maintenance is a winning combination.

We offer our services in the Toronto area, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are in need of our flatbed towing services.