Dead Battery Replacement Service in Toronto

What to Do When You Have A Dead Battery in Toronto?

Northern Group Towing is a local licensed auto towing company in Toronto that offers a wide range of emergency towing and roadside assistance services to all local drivers.
We offer emergency roadside assistance to drivers who do not have any time to waste.
The company works around the clock, to ensure that someone is always available to provide service when any such emergency situation occurs, whether it entails towing or help getting your car started, due to a dead battery or any other reason.
Once we receive a call for service from a customer a team is dispatched immediately, we always strive to ensure a fast response time.
So, if you have a dead battery or any other auto related problem, give Northern Group Towing a call and we will help you with all your roadside problems – and you won’t believe our affordable prices!

What You Need to Know About Car Batteries?

Your car battery is rechargeable, it supplies the electrical current that is necessary to start the engine to your vehicle. As with all batteries, over time, if it is not charged it can become low and, in that case, you won’t be able to get the car to run. if there is a charging problem a battery light in your car will come on to indicate this. The lifespan of the average car battery is between two and five years, and this depends largely on the climate and of course, driving habits. Most car batteries die due to aging but there are several other reasons that this may happen.
If your battery is getting on there in years you should request a battery test next time you take your car in for a service – this will give you an indication of how much life your battery has left in it. This will help you to know when you’ll have to get a replacement battery and so that you don’t get caught off guard.
If, however, you do find yourself facing a dead battery – do not fret!
Just give Northern Group Towing a call and we’ll send a roadside technician to assist you, anywhere in Toronto.
Our technicians provide mobile battery services – including testing of batteries, jump starting flat batteries and selling and installing replacement batteries if your battery can’t be boosted. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently provide solutions to all roadside breakdowns, including battery related problems, and to get drivers back on the road.

The Awesome Team We Work With

Northern Group Towing’s team is comprised of a network of independently licensed affiliates and offers a proven track record of success in Toronto. We have the know-how and the experience to handle a wide range of roadside emergencies, for example:
All types of towing (adapted to the conditions of the call)
Emergency car lockouts
Jump-start service
Fuel replenishment
Tire change (if the customer has a spare)

All the technicians we are working with, have been professionally trained and have experience on the roads, as well as a knowledge of local repair facilities. All of them place safety as a top priority in their work, and they work in accordance with all safety and security requirements and standard operating procedures.
Our team also spends time making sure that our trucks are constantly well maintained and contain all necessary equipment so that we are always ready for any emergency that might arise.