Safe Towing: Licensed Versus Non-Licensed Towing Companies

When the time comes for you to call a towing firm, you want the best.

Ethical, licensed towing businesses aim to deliver the highest standards of service. They will provide fast roadside assistance, safe towing, and fair prices, as well as a friendly smile in challenging situations.

However, there are some unlicensed companies out there who don’t meet these high standards. In fact, they’re more interested in taking your money than offering anything close to a quality experience.

What is the difference between hiring an unlicensed and licensed towing business?

Unlicensed Towing Companies

On the surface, an unlicensed towing firm may seem to be a worthwhile choice.

Why? They tend to be cheaper than licensed competitors.

When you’re looking for help from a tow truck driver in a hurry, you might simply check out the nearest option without searching any deeper into its credentials. If the price jumps out at you and falls well within your budget, you may well give them a call.

Sadly, though, the cost of these lower rates is lower-quality service. Their drivers may well be unlicensed and uninsured, meaning they aren’t really qualified to use their equipment and take your vehicle away.

Furthermore, unlicensed firms might not have fixed rates and increase them on a whim. You can have no guarantee that they won’t change their costs after performing the work required.

This obviously poses a major risk to the condition of your car, and to the safety of others on the roads. Chains and other heavy-duty equipment is involved in towing vehicles, some of which can cause damage when used improperly.

If the drivers are uninsured, any damage they do cause could end up costing you lots of money. Most insurance agencies would only provide coverage to licensed firms, but your driver would be unlikely to tell you this.

The lack of training and insurance is likely how such an unscrupulous company would afford to offer such reduced rates in the first place.

Another key problem posed by unlicensed towing firms is the quality (or lack thereof) of their equipment. The trucks and gear they depend on to deliver their services require regular inspections and maintenance to perform at their best. Unlicensed businesses are highly unlikely to invest time in doing these, posing further threat to your car’s condition.

Licensed Towing Companies

Licensed companies will be fully insured and will train their drivers to use their equipment in the safest way possible. All gear and trucks will be maintained to operate at the highest standard, ensuring they keep your vehicle safe while it’s being towed and/or worked upon.

Licensed firms are more reliable too. They tend to offer 24/7 service and fast response times, while unlicensed ones may not. You can be sure a licensed tow truck driver will arrive to help you when they promise to, while unlicensed businesses are unlikely to be so dependable.

Licensed companies will have fixed rates for specific services, and may be able to provide you with a cost before they send a driver out to help you.

Checking a Towing Firm’s Legitimacy

How can you check that your local towing company is licensed and legitimate?

The easiest option is to visit their website and check their credentials there; they should list their certification and qualifications clearly for you to see. This provides you with real peace of mind when you’re in a difficult vehicular situation.

Another way to look into a firm is to check their social media and online reviews. Other customers who have contacted the company may have written their own feedback, which should make the quality of their services clear.

You may be able to investigate the towing firm’s current licensing status yourself using a license lookup site. This will let you know when they received the license and when it is due to expire.

Of course, you can ask the company’s employees themselves: an illegitimate operation will no doubt avoid questions about their licensing and qualifications if they have something to hide. Licensed ones will be honest and open, able to provide further information upon request.

Northern Group Towing is licensed to deliver outstanding towing services in Toronto. All of our drivers are trained and qualified to deliver our full range of solutions 24/7.