About Northern Group Towing

Northern Group Towing was established in 2007 to fulfill the need for an affordable, professional, round-the-clock service, local towing and roadside assistance service provider in Toronto. The company has since gone from strength to strength and today, along with our team of independently owned and licensed affiliates, covers the entire Toronto area and can provides a wide range of services.

Benefits Of Using Northern Group Towing

Northern Group Towing’s efforts to provide a premium service and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction are evident in our work. We consider the following objectives paramount in order to successfully take care of our customers’ needs:
24 Hour Availability
Northern Group Towing was established in order to provide fast emergency service to Toronto drivers who are stuck on the roadside, whether they have been involved in an accident or due to car malfunction. We understand the importance of getting a team to the customer in the fastest time possible to provide them with quick, safe service, ensuring them as little down time as possible. In order to do this we have to be available to our customers around the clock. Northern Group Towing has a team on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All you have to do is give us a call and we will dispatch a team to your location. We also guarantee a fast response time in Toronto, because we want to get you off the roadside as quickly as possible.
Competitive Pricing
We know that one of our customers’ main concerns is the price of emergency services, since generally this is an unplanned for expense. We want to ensure that our customers receive excellent service at a reasonable price, because they have enough to worry about at this time. When you call to request our services we will give you a price quote over the phone before dispatching a team, because we want you to know how much you will be charged for our services in advance, we don’t like surprise bills either.
Reliable Service
Nothing is more important than honest, reliable service! And, you can be sure that that is exactly what you will get when you call Northern Group Towing. Our goal is to ensure that our customers and their vehicles are safe and taken care of in the most efficient manner, without breaking the bank. In order to meet this goal we have taken care to pick the perfect team of towing operators to do the job. All members of our team have been professionally trained and qualified to do this work, and they are all extremely passionate about their work.
Northern Group Towing uses high quality equipment and has a fleet of vans and tow trucks that are well maintained to assure that we can carry out our work in the most professional manner.

Our range of services includes:

• emergency towing
• long and short distance towing
• accident salvaging
• breakdown towing
• towing of different vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc.
• flat tire change
• dead battery jumpstart or replace
• emergency fuel service
• lock out assistance
• key replacement service


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